We offer proven financial management, business reengineering, process optimisation and systems integration skills across multiple sectors, cultures and geographies. Our recent projects include: 

Business Turnaround


Led major projects to improve the efficiency (10% overhead reduction) and effectiveness (better outcomes) of a client’s UK and Chilean foodservice businesses.


Turned around a client's loss making Belgian vending business via a carefully constructed phased programme of improvements.


Phase I focussed on 'low hanging fruit' (such as client and consumer pricing, supplier pricing, ingredient usage, temporary labour) in order to stem losses and return business to profitability within six months.


Phase II focused on longer term / sustainable improvements such as improved customer service, new processes and systems, and improved labour efficiency.

Process Reengineering


Reengineered the 'hire to fire' processes for a Chilean foodservice business with 20,000 employees in order to reduce employee turnover by 1000 basis points.


Reengineered the food production process for a client's Chilean foodservice business with over 320 restaurants to create recipes, plan menus, procure ingredients, receive goods, produce, serve and account for 0.5 million meals every day more efficiently and effectively.

Systems Implementation


Drove several important improvements to a UK healthcare client's core business systems.


Implemented new front and back office systems, including a mobile application used by field based personnel, for a client's Belgian vending business.


Worked with suppliers to developed and implemented new cook chill and logistics modules in order to improve the efficiency and performance of a client's Chilean foodservice business.  


Implemented world class processes and systems (based on Oracle’s HFM / System 9 product suite) that significantly enhanced the depth and breadth of the information available to senior managers and other stakeholders across 90 countries for a major FTSE 50 company.

​Client & Supplier Relationships


Managed complex cross border relationships for a Belgian client's important vending customers and developed an innovative socially responsible offering (Fairtrade Plus) for the more enlightened customer.


Managed a number of complex multi-million pound master vendor contracts entered in to by a healthcare client's nursing business with three major NHS Trusts and a private hospital group; including developing relationships with the clients and sub-contractors, negotiating the payment of more than £6 million which was being withheld by one of the clients and successfully defending a claim brought by one of the sub-contractors.

Pay & Remuneration


Designed and implemented a simple, transparent and equitable pay structure for 12,000 carers employed by a UK healthcare client in order to improve pay and conditions and guarantee compliance with NMW and NLW regulations. 


Managed the company’s relationship with HMRC and maintained and open dialog on various issues including the National Minimum Wage at a time when several competitors were being named and shamed in the media for non-compliance.

​Mergers & Acquisitions


Led a project to dispose of a healthcare client’s Australian nursing business (including identification and negotiation with the buyer, drafting of the sale and purchase agreement, trademark licencing agreement etc).


Led a project to dispose of a UK client's Refreshment Services business (including negotiations with buyers, drafting of sale & purchase agreement, employee consultations, provision of transitional services etc).


Our consultants have also:


Managed the financial aspects of a number of major disposals at Compass Group including Eurest Inflight Services (£65m),  SSP (£1.8bn) and Selecta (£0.8bn) and overseen the provision of certain transitional services to these business post disposal.

Developed and implemented a tax efficient acquisition and operating structure for an international manufacturing and service business giving rise to substantial tax savings whilst creating a framework to allow the centralisation of certain finance and administrative activities in a shared services centre leading to substantial and sustainable cost savings via improved synergy and operational efficiency.