20 Nov 2016

I was excited to read an article in today's Daily Telegraph about a new Uber-style app to book carers 'on demand'.  Back in May I argued in a blog entitled ‘In Need of Medicine’ that domiciliary care providers need to invest in technology to enable them to move away from the traditional branch network in order to drive down back office costs, enable care workers to be more fairly rewarded, and enable investors to earn...

28 Sep 2016

You have done the analysis, understood the problem and proposed a solution but you are struggling to get buy-in from stakeholders.  The key is communication. No matter how much analysis you have done, if people don’t engage emotionally then your project is doomed to failure, so communicate with the heart as well as the head.  It’s as easy as ABC.

Don’t let others take control of the agenda or distort the message.


18 Aug 2016

I am not a big football fan, but I was intrigued by an article in this week’s Economist newspaper, ‘A Country of Two Halves’, which argues England’s beautiful game has gone south.  The article contends that although the four clubs based in Manchester and Liverpool are still forces to be reckoned with, outside those cities, northern clubs are in decline and southern clubs are in ascendency.  An accompanying graphic show...

31 May 2016

Much has been written in recent weeks about the accuracy of the statistics being banded about to support the campaigns to leave or remain in the European Union. We’ve all heard the claim that “we send £350m per week to the EU” repeated over and over again (indeed it is painted in big letters on the side of Boris Johnstone's bus) despite protestations from the UK Statistics Authority that we only “send” a net contributi...

10 May 2016

Around 500,000 people across the UK receive domiciliary care each week but there is increasing doubt as to whether such services are sufficiently funded to be economically viable, and whether care workers are being properly rewarded for the valuable work they do.  As anxious chief executives gather at the bedside, this article asks what is wrong with the homecare sector and what can be done to restore it to good health...

10 Apr 2016

Buried somewhere between the latest revelations from the Panama Papers and the tips for the Grand National, yesterday’s Times newspaper carried a light hearted report on two sets of identical twins who were married, in China’s Shanxi province, in February.  It seems that the spouses are having difficulty telling one another apart and have elected to undergo plastic surgery so that each twin will have a unique set...

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20 Nov 2016

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